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·CUTICLE DIRECTION – Cuticles in each strand of hair are aligned in the Same direction.
·TANGLE FREE – Because the cuticles are in one direction the hair does Not tangle and lasts longer than any other on the market. ,
·SHED FREE – Special sewing secures the weft and prevents it from Shedding.

Virgin Hair is the purest natural hair used by many hair styling professionals.  It is not Chemically Treated, so it keep’s it’s natural bounce & volume. When chemically treated it strips away the cuticle, so it isn’t Virgin hair anymore. Most hair sold today on the market is not virgin Remy hair. 

Remy hair: Hair that has been cut, and maintained with the roots aligned and bound together at the top of the bundle. These bundles are carefully preserved throughout the export process and arrive at the factory still intact.
Non-Remy hair: Hair that does not have its roots aligned. It may have been collected off the floor, or there may be some other reason they were unable to keep the roots together and running in the same direction.


How much hair will I need?
It really depends on the look you are going for. For partial weaves you will typically need anywhere from 3.5 oz to 6 oz.
For the average full head weave you will need at least 8 oz of hair. onger and fuller styles typically require more hair.For people going for a fuller look, or working with hair 22 inches or longer, they should consider purchasing anywhere from 12 to 16 oz. Many of our customers purchase different lengths for natural layering (ex. 18″, 20″, & 22″).

How do you care for Virgin Remy hair?
Because this is 100% human remy hair you would care for this hair just as you would your very own. Wash and condition it regularly. You can blow dry, but we recommend drying the hair by either sitting under a hair dryer or when possible letyour hair air dry. Here is a tip, for flowing loose curls with outheat, try braiding your hair up at night, be sure to tuck it in ascarf or bonnet of some sort, the result will be curls that last all day.


Should I trim or cut my Virgin Remy hair?
Most definitely. Remember this is natural hair, so it needs the sameattention and care that you would give your own.Your own natural hair needs to be trimmed and cleaned up for it toflow the way you would prefer…So the Virginremy hair needs the same attention. We recommend trimming and cleaning up your ends after your initial installment of your weave or extensions. This will allow your hair to flow beautifully! As far as cutting, it would definitley be your choice depending on your style, but we ALWAYS recommend that every Vimagehairs client makes this hair their own,By framing your face and finding a style that fits YOU.

How often can I wash my Virgin Remy hair?
Wash it as often as you like and condition when possible, remember This hair is very strong and durable. Be careful to pay attention to your natural hair underneath, making sure to dry it properly to prevent mildew.

How long will this hair last?
With proper care, this hair will last until YOU decide that you’re ready for new hair.

Can I color and add highlights to this hair?
Yes. You can color or highlight your remy hair with any permanent color kit available at most beauty supply or drug stores.


One professional human hair supplier.The factory has been in the hair industry for nearly 20 years.Our products are including machine wefts, pre-bonded hairs, clip-in hair extensions, bulk hairs, ladies’ wigs, and a large variety of hair extension tools and kits.

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